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A Cold Wind Blows Akane masters a new discipline that leaves her the strongest fighter in Nerima… but the price is brutally high.  (Adventure) Ranma ½.
Connections Shinobu's mother has a disturbing dream, but there's really nothing to worry about… is there? (Unrated) Love Hina.
Dark Reflections of the Moon A slightly different take on a Ranma / Sailor Moon crossover. (Light Comedy) Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.
Family Ties Lina learns more about one of her companions than she ever wanted to know. (Comedy) Slayers!
Mysterious Ways Keitaro has a celebratory night out… with his wife??? (Romance / Introspective) Love Hina.
Requiem Years after the craziness of the series, one of the Nerima wrecking crew meets Ranma after a long separation.  (Introspective) Ranma ½.
The Cube of Chaos

It seems whenever anyone in the Ranmaverse tries to use magic to get something they want, the natural chaos of the place interferes. What happens when Shampoo finds a wish-granting object that works with chaos?  (Comedy) Ranma ½.

Did you enjoy the zany humor of "The Cube of Chaos"? Would you like to see more? Then go to the Ranma ½ Expressway's Open Ranmafic section, and put your money where your mouth is! The Open Ranmafic project is a "you write the next chapter" collaboration, where people can submit chapters for stories donated to the project.

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