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BRoseWRose.jpg (128022 bytes)Kodachi Kuno learns that Ranma does not love her… but just as she is in complete despair, she gets a chance to change her fate.  (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Prologue:  Close the World, Open the Next

Chapter 1:  The Great Escape

Chapter 2:  Choices of the Heart

Chapter 3: United We Stand

Chapter 4:  Death of a Dream

Chapter 5:  Sleight of Hand and Twist of Fate

Chapter 6:  Letting Go

Chapter 7: The Battle of Okonomiyaki and Ramen

Chapter 8: In the Name of Love

Chapter 9: The Fortunes of War

Chapter 10:  Roses and Thorns

Chapter 11: Cherry Blossom Blues

Chapter 12: Two Roads Diverged

Chapter 13: Homeward and Beyond

Chapter 14: Summer Days

Chapter 15: Growing Pains

Chapter 16: Karma, Love, and Other Four-Letter Words

Chapter 17: The Search is Over

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