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When Shampoo returns from a trip to China, she makes Ranma a "no strings attached" offer he soon decides that he can't refuse. However, the consequences of that decision may make his life up to that point seem idyllic. (Drama, Instropective) Ranma ½.

Dream of the Earthbound

The life of the martial artist known as Ranma Saotome is fraught with peril, frustration, and misunderstandings. None of the large problems ever really get solved, and new ones are still arising. No one, no matter how strong, can endure such circumstances forever. What might it take to teach Ranma that he doesn't have to? And what will happen then? Ranma ½.


BRoseWRose.jpg (128022 bytes)Kodachi Kuno learns that Ranma does not love her… but just as she is in complete despair, she gets a chance to change her fate.  (Adventure) Ranma ½.

White Rose

Short Stories
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